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Mother's Testimonies

Response to Media and Abortion Industry Attack on Good Counsel

Hear from the Mothers we serve about who they were harassed and bullied by.

A Chance in the face of Choice longer version

No Harassment

The Good Counsel Network does not harass women at abortion centres but offers practical help and support to pregnant women, and post-abortive women wherever we meet them. For more details see; Pro-Abortion Media Storm; A Response

Studies Linking Breast Cancer and Abortion

The Good Counsel Network recognises that there is not a proven link between abortion and breast cancer. However we do not hide the face that well over 50 medical studies have suggested a possible link. We are not medical advisors and therefore share with women the information about these studies AS WELL AS the information that there is no proven link.

See the many medical studies suggesting a POSSIBLE connection here

One Woman's Experience of Our Work

Dear Clare


First of all I would like to say “May God Bless you all and the staff at The Women’s Centre for the awesome work you are doing in helping the needy. Words cannot be enough to express my profound gratitude towards the support you gave me and my 3 children for 2 years. Amazing love! From the very first day I walked through the doors of your office, you received me with warmth and I felt very accepted and welcomed. Since then, any support I needed from financial to legal advice, clothing, you tirelessly offered me. I was going through a lot at

that time and your support meant everything to me.

I can never thank you enough. But may God be Glorified for using you all in this great work of His..

Thank you for not choosing whom to help. For this I mean, I was afraid you would turn me down for not being Catholic but you didn’t.. While other organisations couldn’t support me and my kids because

I had no status and no recourse to public funds, you picked me up and gave us the support we needed. To some £30 a week is not a lot but to me and my family, it meant everything. This money helped us quite a lot and made our lives easier.

Thank you so much. Clare thank you for texting me back in the middle of the night when I asked for some more help financially. I honestly didn't expect you to respond my text as late as it was that  24th March 2015 at 10:18 pm. To my surprise, you did. Your selflessness, and humility has taught me how to serve other people who are in need when my opportunity comes. You are doing a very noble job by making

yourself available to those who need to get through to you any time of the day. And that’s a heart of a real servant of God. May God Bless you.!

So on behalf of my kids and all the people you are helping out there, I say THANK YOU so much.. Keep up doing the great jov. May Goodness and Mercy for the Lord follow you all the days of your lives.


40 Days For Life Vigil

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